How to Deal With Mental Illness in the Family?

According to the existing studies, mental illness is one of the most common diseases in the world. It cuts across the demography and age and knows no geographical location.  If somebody in your family has been analyzed with any disorder, it is important to understand how to deal with it.

No blame game

The most common reaction to most people, when their dear one is diagnosed with a mental illness, is denial. Others take it as a personal blame, and they see like they have contributed to the illness. There are many mental disorders and there are tens of reasons and causes of mental disorder, and it is not possible to blame any one person or factor for such a misfortune. There are those that are hereditary while others suffer owing to a number of environmental factors. It is, hence; imprudent to blame any person or to blame yourself for when such an unfortunate thing happens.



Most mental illness patients are victims of endless stigma and are looked at with suspicion. There are cases of even some of them being subjected to violence by a society that does not understand them.  The first step you can do to your family member suffering from mental illness is to accept the condition. It is difficult to overcome the emotions, but it is crucial to understand their condition and help them cope with it. The society is not yet prepared to accept people who are considered abnormal or who may demonstrate unusual habits. The stigma of mental illness is still very strong even at workplace.  It is hence important that you serve as the link between the family member and the rest of the community and help them understand what you are going through.

Support them

Most of the patients suffering from mental disorders are prone to many dangers in life.  You will recognize that most of them do not have someone to turn to and may suffer in silence after being neglected by the family and the community. It is, hence; important if you are a family member to support them both physically and financially. They may be undergoing medication and spending a lot in terms of medical bills and hence it is vital that you be there for them. Moral and emotional support too will help them in their struggle with the disorder and will help in the recovery.  They may not be conscious enough to do some tasks on their own, and it is important that you be there to show them the way.

Support group

You may be tempted to handle this task on your own but remember you are also a human being and you will need to share your experiences. Joining a support group of people facing similar challenges will not only give you a platform to share ideas, but it will also help you release pent up frustrations. You can also be a great help to the rest of the faction by giving them solutions to your problem. You can be sure your burden will be eased when you encounter people dealing with the same problems you are facing. Continue reading “How to Deal With Mental Illness in the Family?”

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 An outdoor sauna would provide you with the clear face you have been dreaming of. Instead of throwing away your money on facial products that do not work, you may want to invest in technology that is designed to keep you comfortable. Additionally, you will be able to make use of an outdoor sauna to relieve the pain and tension in your back and neck. Continue reading “Prevent Acne Build Up”