Work out like a movie star- get Ben Affleck buff

As The Accountant hits our cinema screens, we see Ben Affleck playing a muscle-bound accountant who lives a dangerous secret life unbeknown to the people around him. It’s not the first-time Affleck has bulked up for a Hollywood role, and it seems to come naturally to him, just like his acting and screenwriting.

You don’t need to have a Hollywood pay packet to be able to build the same kind of muscle as Affleck. What you do need is commitment and determination alongside the right training plan and clean diet. MaxiNutrition has used their nutritional knowledge and understanding of good training techniques to put together their top tips for you to follow so that you can have a physique as good as Mr Affleck’s.

Eat like a Hollywood star

You don’t need to be earning a Hollywood wage packet to be able to afford some of the best high-quality nutrition. To get the best muscle building results, high protein and a caloric surplus is key.

The first step is to work out your calorie maintenance level, which can be done via an online calculator. This is important to gauge your manageable weight gain. Ideally, you want to add between 500-1,000 calories to your daily intake.

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