Health and fitness trends in UK

Britain is obsessed with slimming. Whether it’s celebrity weight loss challenges, glossy figures in magazines or health and fitness trends that sweep the country, we’re a nation trying to get slimmer. New data released by Slimming Solutions, a weight loss retailer, sheds some light into how we’re trying to lose weight.


Across a year of sales, the most popular age for buying weight loss pills was 37, or those born in 1979. This was closely followed by 47 year olds born in 1969. In third place, 31 year olds were most likely to buy weight loss products.


According to NHS data, the regions with the highest percentage of overweight men and women are:

  1. The North-East (68%)
  2. North-West (66%)
  3. West Midlands (65.7%)
  4. East Midlands (65.6%)
  5. Yorkshire & the Humber (65.4%)

How do these overweight regions compare with Slimming Solutions’ top regions, the areas where most people buy their weight loss products? These are:

  1. Belfast – the most popular region for weight loss products by sales was Belfast. While not featured on the PHE report, it was reported in January that six in 10 people in Northern Ireland are overweight.
  2. London – the second most popular area for weight loss products was also in the bottom of the NHS’ top 10 regions (57.3% overweight).
  3. Birmingham – the wider Birmingham area, including Solihul, Sandwell and Walsall, is the third most popular area for weight loss products from Slimming Solutions. This ties in with the West Midland’s position as the third most overweight in England.
  4. Manchester – The fourth most popular area is Manchester, which sits in the North-West, England’s second most overweight area.
  5. North East – In fifth place when it comes to buying weight loss products, England’s most overweight region seems to be lagging behind when it comes to shedding the pounds.

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