Health and fitness trends in UK

Britain is obsessed with slimming. Whether it’s celebrity weight loss challenges, glossy figures in magazines or health and fitness trends that sweep the country, we’re a nation trying to get slimmer. New data released by Slimming Solutions, a weight loss retailer, sheds some light into how we’re trying to lose weight.


Across a year of sales, the most popular age for buying weight loss pills was 37, or those born in 1979. This was closely followed by 47 year olds born in 1969. In third place, 31 year olds were most likely to buy weight loss products.


According to NHS data, the regions with the highest percentage of overweight men and women are:

  1. The North-East (68%)
  2. North-West (66%)
  3. West Midlands (65.7%)
  4. East Midlands (65.6%)
  5. Yorkshire & the Humber (65.4%)

How do these overweight regions compare with Slimming Solutions’ top regions, the areas where most people buy their weight loss products? These are:

  1. Belfast – the most popular region for weight loss products by sales was Belfast. While not featured on the PHE report, it was reported in January that six in 10 people in Northern Ireland are overweight.
  2. London – the second most popular area for weight loss products was also in the bottom of the NHS’ top 10 regions (57.3% overweight).
  3. Birmingham – the wider Birmingham area, including Solihul, Sandwell and Walsall, is the third most popular area for weight loss products from Slimming Solutions. This ties in with the West Midland’s position as the third most overweight in England.
  4. Manchester – The fourth most popular area is Manchester, which sits in the North-West, England’s second most overweight area.
  5. North East – In fifth place when it comes to buying weight loss products, England’s most overweight region seems to be lagging behind when it comes to shedding the pounds.

Weight Loss Trends

Clearly, there are some regions that are trying to shed the pounds. By analysing bestselling weight loss products, we can explore some of the UK’s biggest weight loss trends and drill down into which regions and cities are most interested in them…

First and foremost, the cities most interested in weight loss itself, as a general topic according to Google Trends, are Newcastle upon Tyne (the heart of the North-East region mentioned above), Birmingham and Belfast.

Slimming Corsets/Waist Trainer

The No.1 best seller on Slimming Solutions’ website are slimming corsets and waist trainers, a trend that exploded into popularity in 2015 thanks to endorsements from the Kardashians.

In the UK, Google search interest for a ‘waist trainer’ peaked in March 2015, averaging 110,000 searches in a month.  Since, interest has fallen. January 2016 witnessed 90,600 average searches.

According to Google Trends, the cities that search for waist trainers the most are Birmingham, followed by Manchester and London.

Slimming & Detox Teas

Another weight loss trend that’s been popular throughout the UK, Detox and Slimming teas contain herbal ingredients which heighten your metabolism. ‘Detox teas’ are more popular than slimming ones, with an average of 8,100 monthly searches compared to 3,600 for ‘slimming tea.’ Detox tea’s interest peaks in January each year – but was more popular in 2015 when it reached 14,800 searches.

The cities that show the most interest? Birmingham, followed by London.


Shapewear isn’t strictly weight loss – but it appeals to those trying to look slimmer. The shapewear brand is popular in the UK among a range of audiences and has been growing in popularity over the years. For example, October 2014 saw an average of 18,100 searches for Spanx – but October 2016 had 22,200 – a 22.65 per cent growth.

The cities that are most interested in Spanx are Glasgow, Edinburgh and Liverpool.

Weight Loss Pills

Despite their somewhat controversial nature, herbal-only weight loss pills are safe ways to help boost your metabolism. They reached a peak in interest at around 27,100 searches in April and March 2015 – and rose again to 18,100 in the same months of 2016.

The top cities searching for weight loss pills are Newcastle Upon Tyne, Birmingham and Nazeing.


Of course, it’s not just products that are popular. This year has witnessed a variety of diets growing in popularity. But which are the most popular?

  1. Paleo Diet – 40,500 average searches each month in 2016.
  2. Gluten Free Diet – 33,100
  3. Atkins Diet – 33,100
  4. Mediterranean Diet – 22,200
  5. Vegan Diet – 18,100

Of the most popular, Paleo is by far the most searched in Google.

With all of these weight loss trends showing heavy search interest and seasonal peaks – it’s clear that January is the time to start thinking about your healthy weight loss goals. Each and every region in the UK could do with shifting a few pounds – as obesity is now a leading cause of death.