Healthy Hair Tips

Hair are very important for all of us as they are an essential part of the body and need treatments according to the need. Healthy hair statistics specify that healthy hair can count up to 100,000 individual hair out of these 90%are growing and rest of them are in resting phase. Daily around 80 to 100 hairs falls during brushing or washing.

There are different parameters which tell us whether our hair is healthy or not:

  • Quantity, of hair depends on the race and climatic conditions. For healthy hair the renewal and hair fall should not be more than 50 to 100 hairs daily.
  • Growth is another parameter; heat makes our hair grow faster and should be about 15cm a year. Each hair has a limited life span and regenerate constantly.
  • Direct sun should be avoided as dark hair can absorb more of ultraviolet rays.
  • Healthy as well as balanced diet is very necessary, as hair tells everybody about any coming illness so one should be very cautious about their hair.
  • To follow the latest fashion is must but with caution as too much chemicals can cause lots of damage to the hair.
Important healthy hair tips which can help you to maintain hairs are very easy to be followed:

  • Always brush your hair just before washing them so that dirt can b removed from hair.
  • For better growth give a regular gentle massage to your scalp that will improve the blood circulation.
  • Another category of healthy hair tips include those for controlling dandruff, for that massage the scalp using pure coconut oil.
  • Boil coconut oil along with small onions for about 20 min and do the massage.
  • Mix almond oil along with gooseberry juice and apply it on the scalp using your finger tips.
  • You can also apply mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and lemon juice, and then does a steam towel wrap for about 15 min. and then wash using a mild shampoo.
  • Wash your hair using a mixture of Shikakai powder and the drained water of boiled rice.
  • Juice taken out of the five petal hibiscus flower can also be used for washing the hair to protect them from dandruff.
  • Now we will talk about the healthy hair tips for shiny hair, wash your hair once in a week using tea or a besan mixture.
  • Mixture of egg white along with glycerin and 2 spoons full of castor oil if applied before washing gives a long lasting shine to the hair.
  • Cotton wool should be used for applying oil all along the parting of hair, so that it reaches the roots of hair.
  • Healthy hair tips are must for graying of hair as various chemicals and artificial dyes can damage the hair, so try to use natural methods. For this mix mehandi, lemon juice, an egg along with a spoon of instant coffee and apply on the hair and wash after 45 min.
  • For natural conditioning henna, egg, curd and vinegar are some of the most important healthy hair tips.