Family Time: 6 Activities That Will Help Build That Lasting Bond

The more technology becomes a part of our lifestyle, the more complicated our lives become. One thing that should not get lost in the turmoil is family time. Setting aside time for family sharing is critical for supporting and nurturing your relationship.

Plan activities you can do as a family and schedule them as often as you can. Here are 6 ideas to get you started.

Enjoy Nature

This can be as simple as taking a walk together after dinner, or you can plan hikes, bike rides, scavenger hunts, bird watching or canoe outings. Some families sign up with community efforts to pick up litter or beautify a park. Many children today do not spend as much time in nature as kids once did, and sharing family time exploring the natural world nurtures children’s creativity and curiosity, provides play time, supports their health and development and allows the entire family to discuss and learn about the environment.


Hold Family Dinners

Families that eat together have been shown to have better relationships. A recent study found that frequent family meals were significantly associated with lower depression, fewer risk-taking actions by young people and overall better well-being.

Play Games

Family game nights are a perfect way to share time together. Each family member can have a turn at choosing the game or you can rotate among a selected number of choices. Whether you choose board games, video games, card games or computer games, make sure every member can participate at some level.


What better way for everyone in the family to learn more about nutrition and the food they eat than to prepare and cook it themselves. Food preparation and cooking are important skills for children to learn, and even young kids can stir or add ingredients to a recipe under supervision.

Create Something Together

The possibilities here are endless and depend on the age of your children, their interests, where you live, time available as well as other factors. Therefore you could all create a vegetable garden, build a fort, paint a mural on the garage wall or work on jigsaw puzzles. What matters is that you do it together.

Participate in a Physical Activity

Many sports and other forms of exercise can be enjoyed as a family. The chosen event should be one that allows each member to participate. Some options include bowling, tennis, badminton, pool, jogging, yoga, tai chi, ping pong, roller skating and ice skating.

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