How to tell the best Vacuum Cleaners for pet hair

In this article, the topic for discussion will be some tips in choosing the best vacuum cleaners. However, it’s more than just sharing. Here we go for the latest devices on the market. All of them are selected in detail with the hope that you can find suitable ones.

On the other hand, we will review the background of this decision

I know you might wonder

Why do we go for the Vacuum cleaner?

To cats or dog owners,

You must have heard many pieces of advice for how to deal with the falling hair. However, none of them is permanent. They are either time-consuming or inconvenient.

Let’s see some example

Many friends tell me to use a sticky stick to clean up pet hair. It is a quite simple tool. It looks round gets covered by tape. After you take hold of kitty, many strands are left on your clothes. To remove them, you can roll the stick. Tape will stick all of them. It sounds nice. However, this one is too tiny to run all over the house.

There’s another way. I think it works better. It’s doing daily brushing hair. Spending time on brushing your pet hair can reduce the amount of hair scattered around. However, you cannot be sure that no hair on the chair or bed.

You might try buying slipcovers to protect your furniture. On the other hand, it’s not convenient when you have to wash the covers or change the sheets many times.

best Vacuum Cleaners for pet hair

How did Vaccum cleaners do a better job?

We made this choice because finally, something can cope with pet hair effectively.

Pet owners can tidy up the whole house in a short time with a vacuum. This exhauster works well on any surface such as mattress, carpet, wooden floor. It can help you to clean every corner of the house. As we know, cats do not stop with laying on armchairs, they jump all over the kitchen, on the bookshelf or under the bed.

Vacuum is convenient. Besides the fact that it can collect pet hair everywhere, it collects dust as well. Who does not have to do tidy-up? So why not combine with pet hair removal?

It’s the long-term resolution. Vacuums have a longer lifespan than any of pet hair solutions that I mentioned.

To sums up, vacuum cleaners are easy to use, durable and productive. It’s the best solution to keep pet hair in control.

So, we all agree with that?


How can we choose a suitable vacuum cleaner?

We have got some factors to evaluate. A good dust collector must show of its power on suction, smart design and capacity of the filter. To cope with pet hair, we ask more than that.

Now, it’s time to discuss on details

Suction capacity

For household cleaning job, a suction of 12 amp can do a good job. It’s powerful enough to swipe on hair, animal fur, common dust, and food crumbs.

Your pets can be anywhere in the house, especially under the bed or sofa. The hidden ground is hard to tidy up, but with a powerful vacuum cleaner, all are solved.

Pet hair can be found on the carpet or curtains where small suction cannot deal with altogether. Having a strong dust cleaner guarantees disappear of pet hair in all surface.

The design

Manufacturers usually end up having suction with a handle or attached cord. The latter helps you to reach every corner in the house, top of the wardrobe, deep under the bed or behind the TV stands. However, it could decrease the power of suction. If there are plenty of hidden corners in your house, you can consider having an aspiration and attached long cord but with more power capacity.

The standard suction with handle seems more portable and easier to use. It’s only in case your house is simple furniture and no hidden corners.

Roller Brush

Many vacuums have no roller brush, but they are still lovely. However, we are talking about the vacuums for pet hair. A roller brush is essential to perform the best.

A roller brush is an aide to collect hair from fuzzy and rugged surfaces such as beds, sofa or carpet. Wooden floor or tables are easier to handle, but the fabric is a sturdy material. The roller brush eliminates hair to the maximum. Rolling can approach every hair through threads of fabric or fluffy terrain.

Sometimes the roller brush can blow hair away because the air comes in or out in circulation. You can fix it with lowering suction power or repeat your job in the area several times.

Vacuum filters

The filter is to keep dust and hair away from the motor. In cleaning pet hair, filters are necessary. Without a good filter, hair can hold on the engine and causes it stuck.

To avoid clogged suction, multi-layered filters are doing the best of all. With different layers to strain different materials, this type of filter can stop all dust and hair from blown away or block motor.


You should choose a vacuum with an optimal bag which helps you to deal with hair.  Some bags get combined with a bin that leaves users vacuum several times before change. Pet hair can make mountain inside the container and you cannot get rid of all of them.

In my opinion, you should get a bag which gets changed every time.

Above are the basics, you can find more about amazing vacuum cleaners on the list below. They are the newest to cope with houses of pet hair. It’s specially designed for this mission.


Let’s see how are they doing

Reviews on the best Vacuum cleaners for pet hair:

  • Brand
  • Shark
  • Specifications
  • 30 feet
  • Weight
  • 15.4 lbs
  • Filter
  • HEPA
  • Dust cup
  • 1.5 dry quarts
  • For common use

This machine is made to work in a different space. We have got upright mode to clean on flat and smooth materials. Besides, the Lift-away mode shows its effect in tidying up underneath chairs or tables. With 30-feet cord, this cleaner can reach any corner of the house and collect all dust and dirties.

It’s easy to handle. The machine has a fingertip control bar installed right on the handle. Users can manage mode switching fast and sharp.  The devices have got LED light on the nozzle which helps with seeing dirties dark space. It’s a powerful vacuum cleaner with both automatic and maneuver options.

For Pet hair

These products get equipped with HEPA filter. In case you do not know, HEPA filter is certificated by DoE. This filter is well-known for a superpower in trapping micro dust and hair. With HEPA filter, little dirt and pet hair won’t come back to the air but stay in the bag.

This vacuum has got a roller brush — this powerful suction that can approach and collect every hair on carpet, fabrics or any materials on the house. The roller brush can be set to pick up debris, not only some hair.


Completed seal to stop allergies from pet hair

The mini brush for cleaning up pet hair- brilliant devices specifically for pet owners

Multiple modes to work effectively on different surfaces.

LED lights for more natural cleaning in corners


The roller is quite small to sneak on narrow space such as after TV stand. Unless your house has no such narrow space, all are set well with this machine.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Brand
  • Dyson
  • Specifications
  • 15.3 x 13.4 x 42.1 (with cord)
  • Weight
  • 17.35 pounds
  • Filter
  • HEPA
  • Dust cup
  • 55 gallons
  • For common use

Weighing only about 17 pounds, this machine is so lightweight that you can hold it to everywhere. If you know the Dyson Ball Multi-Floor, once with popularity, you can imagine this Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner the same and bonus some extra utilities

Dyson Ball Animal 2 is an upright vacuum with the strongest suction with 306 AW.

More than that, can you guess the wand’s length?

It’s 35ft. Yes, you read it right.

While many brands stop with 30 ft, Dyson wants users can do the cleaning in the whole room without moving the machine along with. Thus, they made the cord longer.

Cleaning job with Dyson now is like relaxation thanks for high technology. The nozzle gets adjusted automatically when the terrain changes. It helps us to collect all fabric and hair. Besides, the bin can empty itself by a button. Now, you are free with touching dust.

For pet hair

Dyson Ball Animal 2 are born for families with pets. It’s the superpower in cleaning pet hair.

Dyson also chooses HEPA as the filter. It stops dust effectively. More than that, the devices come with a turbine tool so you can remove the hair on sofas or beds where you cannot hold whole machines up. It can stand against tangled hair.


Powerful engine for vacuuming

Automatic adjustment head and hygiene Bin

Special design for pet hair

Long wand to help cleaning easier


Upright functions and long rod seems not easy to move along the staircase.

Bissell 20431 Powerglide Lift-Off Pet Plus Upright Bagless Vacuum
  • Brand
  • Bissell Homecare Inc
  • Specifications
  • 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 inches with cord
  • Weight
  • 18 pounds
  • Filter
  • Febreze
  • For common use

Bissell is a solid vacuum cleaner. Besides the cord and up-right cleaning mode, the machine can be lifted-away to run over staircases.

It works well on multiple surfaces with the powerful triple action brush roller.

For pet hair

The unique selling point of Bissell lies in the triple brush roller. It can clean up every fabric surface and collect 100% pet hair.

The 30-feet cord with convenient handle allows you to reach every corner and remove pet hair.

One more feature that leaves this machine optimal for pet house is a smart seal for allergens. It blocks hairs and all dust inside and keeps the air clean.

The Febreze filter will impress any user with complete removal of pet odor.


  • Powerful removal to pet hair and tiny dust
  • Smart filter and lightweight
  • Cons
  • Only functional with 110V
  • No retractable cord
  • New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum
  • Brand
  • New Miele
  • Specifications
  • 19.5 x 11.2 x 8.9 excluded cord
  • Weight
  • 19.4 pounds
  • Filter
  • Active air clean
  • For common use

Miele is known for the lifespan of up to 15 years. It’s a durable and solid vacuum.

To do an excellent job at cleaning, it’s made with the active air clean sealed system. The filter contains charcoal which helps to eliminate scent in the air.

Its suction power is impressive with 1200 Wat. Manufacturers have divided motor capacity in 6 degrees for appropriate use. Users can make adjustments with pedals.

There is a twister in nozzle design. It’s convenient on cleaning because many hidden corners need tidying up.

For pet hair

To take ease with cleaning pet hair, Miele C3 provide a mini brush. This little turbo brush is attached to the machine. Pet owners can clean up hair in higher and smaller areas such as a chair or bed.

Speaking of filters, Miele C3 filter system is the combination of charcoal and air clean technology. It allows keeping the pet odor in control.

The Electro brush is well known for carpet cleaning. To pet owners, carpet traps the most pet hair that many vacuum cleaners cannot tackle.


  • Smart filter to neutralize pet odor
  • Convenient mini turbo brush
  • Flexible twister
  • Sturdy machine


  • Frequent bag change
Shark Rocket TruePet HV382 Vacuum
  • Brand
  • Shark
  • Specifications
  • 10.2 x 9.8 x 46.4 including cord
  • Weight
  • 9.9 lbs
  • Dust cup
  • 0.91 dry quarts/ 8.5 in
  • For common use

Shark Rocket is a super lightweight machine with only 9.9 lbs.

With the top brush roller, this can approach tightly on the floor and collect 100% dust. This roller is capable of cope with piles of crumbs and large debris.

It’s cordless but enable users to clean up high areas thanks to great handle.

LED lights to appear in the front and support observation in dark corners. The nozzle can be twisted for to run over narrow spaces between walls and cupboard.

Referring to standard machines, this is doing well with Duoclean technology which allows trapping even large particles.

For pet hair

The magic roll makes this device the best for pet hair. Its suction power can trap every single pet hair on the ground, on carpet or in corners.

The machine can clean up pet hair and even stool


  • Powerful to cleaning carpet
  • Intelligent idea of a peg to mount the machine on the wall


  • Heavyweight
  • Only upright mode
  • EufyRobovac 11S
  • Brand
  • Robovac
  • Specifications
  • 12.8 x 12.8 x 2.9 inches
  • Weight
  • 5.73 pounds
  • Filter
  • Triple-filter system
  • Dust cup
  • 0.16 gallon
  • For Common use

EufaRobovac must be unique in the list. It’s a robot cleaner powered by the battery.

This little robot can work all along 100 minutes with maximum 1300Pa suction power. With this one, even you do not have time to finish cleaning up, there no dust at all.

It works in silence. Therefore, you can make it operate while sleeping. Is it convenient for a busy lifestyle at modern time?

Eufa has a triple layer filter which keeps all dust and obstacles in the dust cup.

The design is another surprise. Forgot about heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner which take up space in the house. When you have only a little room for this robot, Eufa fits everywhere. It’s solid. The tempered glass cover can beat up possible damage to some extent.

The product comes with an extra filter. The bonus is always welcomed.

For pet hair

This Eufa is the slimmest design on RoboVac product line. It’s only 2.85” thick. Thanks to that size, this machine can run into space under furniture. It’s a product for cleaning pet hair effectively.

Despite the size, the dust box can contain up to 0.6L dust and hair. The triple filter helps with trapping hair.


  • Small and portable size
  • Clean on any surface and not falling-off despite staircase
  • Always ready to work on battery
  • Large working area
  • Silent operation


  • Not sufficient to clean on the top of the high regions
  • Not practical to clean a large house

Vacuum cleaner must be a brilliant invention in technology. It supports housework fast and sharp. Among the specific product line for personal use, a vacuum cleaner for pet hair is developing due to the rise of pet owning.

However, if users consider specific features of the devices, they can find a suitable product for their space. No one wants to live in the house covered by pet hair and does not keep your visitors away because you love a cat.