Will Getting Good Grades In College Matter?

Going to college is a highly exciting time for every single young adult. It is a moment of change, when things start to completely change. You are on your way towards a new career and it is normal to worry and ask many different questions. There is so much that people should know about college life. The topic of grades is definitely one that has to be properly analysed. Some people will tell you that college grades do not actually count that much. Others will say they are incredibly important. What is the truth?


We now know that many college students change their majors in college. In fact, over 50% will do so. Changing those majors is hard to do if the grades are not suitable. You need to get good grades in order to move towards a new major, one that has a potentially high admission bar. This is just one of the examples that could be mentioned and when grades are of utmost importance.

Why Grades Count

Besides what we mentioned above with the college majors, we should also know about the following reasons why getting good college grades is important:

  • Basics – When grades are poor, college education cannot be continued. It is really important to keep the grades as high as possible since the poor grades are going to get you eliminated from college. Remember the fact that poor grades are going to lead towards probation, suspension and academic warnings. You do not want this to happen.
  • Scholarships – There are many college students out there that do not actually have the money needed to go to college. When this is the case, you will want to get a scholarship. The big problem with the scholarships is that they are highly dependent on grades obtained in high school. When the grades are poor, you are not accepted for scholarships.
  • Advanced Classes – There are many colleges that now offer advanced honors classes. They will only be available for those that have really good grades. In these classes we see that the best of the professors are going to be the teachers and the students are always going to get better results in the future.

Are Grades Important For You?

This is definitely one thing that you need to take into account. Based on what you want to do in the future, you have to make a choice. In many cases the grades will be irrelevant as you may do something else in the future. For instance, so many college students learn how to create a WordPress blog. Then they go off to a whole new career as their interests change. In this case the only college interest is basically to finish education. The grades do not matter.

On the other hand, if you want to continue your education in the future there is a pretty good possibility that the grades are going to be very important. In this case you have to do all that is possible to increase the grades as they are going to count.